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0003061VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2019-05-16 10:142019-05-16 10:30
0003061: [Feature request] Option to set Stack queue to top-down style
Current layout of battle window with large stack queue looks quite bad on widescreen monitors (16:9 aspect ratio). IMHO it would look better if it was placed at the left and right side of this GUI window.

I've added a mockup picture to show how I think it could look like.

Benefits :

-It's more readable then one stack queue. You have attacker army on the right and defender army on the left

-Could easily have extra space for nice layoutfor [^] wait/defend icons. There is a lot of space if we go widescreen.

-Looks better/more modern on widescreen monitors (16:9), and would also look as almost full screen on 1024x600 that vcmi supports.

- Doesn't need new graphics
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jpg mockup1.jpg (591,034) 2019-05-16 10:14
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Possibly such stack queue could show more info about units then just defend/wait . Maybe active spells on the unit ? Maybe morale and luck state? There is enough space on widescreen monitors to show such info.