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0003057VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2019-05-10 10:102022-03-27 18:38
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0003057: Race condition with BattleAI and SetStackEffect::applyBattle
 - Run attached map.
 - Using hero with harpies attack enemy hero with harpies.
 - Let BattleAI take control over your army too.
 - Now AI will cast Haste on both harpies.

Problem occur when SetStackEffect::applyBattle is received by client and gamestate is patched. For whatever reason both BattleAI and user UI still use old data about stack bonuses by the time Haste effect must already disappear.

So AI see on client that speed bonus still here and attempt to move Harpy further than it's actual speed allow. Server obviously don't have race condition here and it's refuse.
? arena_srednia.h3m (4,424) 2019-05-10 10:10
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Don't reproduce in current develop. Probably fixed long time ago