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0003050VCMIOtherpublic2019-04-23 18:152019-05-07 14:37
0003050: VCMI can't be muted

In normal H3, when we lowered to 0 music and game effects, game is silent and we can play without sounds and listen to music from winamp, youtube etc.

In VCMI daily builds muted game is rather loudly. Main menu plays normally, some picking sounds are player or new week sound.
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2019-05-02 11:42   
I may have found what is the source of the bug.

Easy reproducing steps : Enter/get out a town screen (so the background music needs to be changed). In my case, button clicks and new day sound would get back at 100 volume.

Where : This issue is caused by line 178 in CMusicHandler.cpp.

Why : This is due to the call of setChannelVolume(), with 100 as volume parameter. This indeed sets some channels' volume back to 100, regardless of its previous volume. Playing with this value will change the volume at which the sounds "come back".
2019-05-07 14:36   
Fixed in [^]