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0003042VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2019-02-24 08:552022-08-22 12:52
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 
0003042: orb of vulnerability does not affect opponent's creatures

Unless I am mistaken, orb of vulnerability does not work properly.

- Mainly it seems it only affects army of the one who equipped the artifact. I think it should affect everybody

In map attach please consider following scenarios:

Blue: black dragon
Tan:black dragon + boars
Green: black dragon + ability to cast implosion
Orange: black dragon + equiped orb of vulnerability

Red vs single black dragon / Red vs Blue:
    - I am expecting to be able to cast armageddon or implosion on blue's black dragon, but I can't
    - can't cast "negative" buff spells like slow, curse...
    + can cast "positive" buff spells like haste, shield on MY black dragon

Red vs Tan:
    + I can cast armageddon.
    - It kills the boars, hurt me, but not Tan's black dragon. I am expecting armageddon to hurt everybody

Red vs Green:
    - green can cast it on me which I expect
    + I still can't cast implosion on Green

Red vs Orange:
    + I can cast armageddon / slow
new scenario
select ZZZ_orbvulnerability
play as Red
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has duplicate 0003228resolved Nordsoft Orb of Vulnerability doesn't work 
? ZZZ_orbvulnerability.vmap (3,095) 2019-02-24 08:55
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Thanks to issue reporter for detailed description and test map