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0003036VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2019-02-14 14:022019-03-21 14:48
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0003036: Some unexpected crap happens in AI behavior - expecting army exchange then exploration
On attached map AI behaves unexpectedly during its turn. Expected behavior is to give army to one hero during GatherArmy decomposition. Then heroes should move around to explore as army guarding castle is too strong for them. Instead heroes end each turn next to each other, error "Hero Dace tries to visit himself" appears before AI turn ends on each turn passed. Also make sure you read "Additional Information" below before working on this bug.
With newest daily build run attached map, use vcmieagles cheat and see that heroes get stuck next to each other and error related to hero trying to visit himself appears in console before AI ends turn.
Requires newest commit [^]

If you move hero Dace in map editor 1 tile upwards the bug won't appear. Changing army composition of heroes may cause bug to not appear as well
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? vcmiaistacksplit.h3m (8,599) 2019-02-14 14:02
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Will be fixed in [^]
2019-02-16 13:23   
:D Finally someone figured that one out, great job!

Also, might help with heroes trading armies between each other indefinitely (currently patched around).