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0003035VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2019-02-12 13:242019-02-16 07:51
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0003035: AI pathfinder generating goal that cannot be realized
This happens with newest VCMI code (after [^] merge):

In attached map AI will not capture town and heroes will stand in one place infinitely, because ai-ah->HowToVisitObj inside GatherArmy::getAllPossibleSubgoals() will generate VisitTile goal that requires beating the army that is supposed to be reason why we gather army in first place. That goal gets picked as best goal while it should not appear at all considering it's impossible to realize.
1.Run attached map
2.Enable vcmieagles cheat for player only
3.See how AI gets stuck after GatherArmy decomposition
I guess this could be fixed by filtering generated goals inside GatherArmy but proper solution would be fixing pathfinder logic.
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? vcmiaistacksplit_v1.h3m (8,615) 2019-02-12 13:24
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For now bug won't appear with [^] merged. Proper fix is inside [^] (unified danger evaluation logic so there won't be deviation in danger determined by pathfinder and VisitTile internals).