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0003025VCMILauncherpublic2018-11-28 15:242018-11-28 18:04
Phone (LG G7 thinq)Android8.0.0
0003025: blue filter on screen / blue screen
when I launch the game, screen immediately gets blue. When I tru to shut down the game or to take a screen game goes normal - without blue color, but second later it is blue again.

I wad
I was trying to unistal game but it changed nothing.
I puted polish gold edition version of homm3 should I try with gog.or.english one?
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png Screenshot_2018-11-26-03-55-12.png (1,724,956) 2018-11-28 15:24
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2018-11-28 18:04   
I tested it with hota, wog, gold edition and gog version and screen after running game (not.launcher)