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0003019VCMIGUI - Town screenpublic2018-11-01 01:102018-11-14 18:03
0003019: Memory leak in GUI
A large storage occupied by VCMI_client while it runs, a great occupation would be generated rapidly while changing different town screens. It is really an big problem and it becomes increasingly serious and affect the running speed of the game.

I have analysed the problem which is contributed by GUI memory leak. It might happens in loading large amount of graphics of the game, and there is not a command to clear cache so I have to quit it manualy. Thus, I hope it could be fixed as soon as possible.
Last year I mentioned about this. I suppose it would just be related as GUI problem.
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No response here..I suppose this bug or problem should be put into priority. Running problem might be most serious.
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Fixed in [^]