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0002989VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2018-08-03 00:462023-03-01 10:59
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0002989: Pressing ENTER on the Casualties Report window opens up the hero screen instead of closing the report
Pressing the Enter key when a battle is over causes the Hero Screen to pop up. Seems like the focus must be on the hero (still on the Adventure Map) or on the hero bar to the right of the screen instead of in the "OK" button on the report itself.

Curiously enough, if you press Enter multiple times, several instances of the Hero Screen will show up (even though they're all identical) and you'll have to close it one at a time. Maybe there should be a check on the Hero Screen to make it a singleton instance or at least prevent new ones from opening up if there's one active already.
Win a battle, wait for the Casualties Report to appear and press Enter.
I'm honestly surprised that literally all other dialogs work as expected. Open-source projects usually are lacking on the UI department since they're not professionally tested/polished - yet this is the only UI issue I could find with VCMI so far.

Honestly, even commercial games in development by big studios in 2018 have much lesser consistent UI than VCMI has (I'm looking at you Stellaris).

The Esc key also doesn't work when trying to close the report. It probably should, as it does for most other dialogs as far as I have experienced.
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related to 0002457resolved Ivan Defeat/Victory window can't be closed by ENTER after auto-combat 
related to 0003168resolved Ivan pressing "Enter" does not close the battle summary. It opens the hero screen instead. 
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That particular window is so buggy that android builds freeze on it :P

Known bug on our side...

2023-03-01 10:59   
has been fixed recently