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0002986VCMIRandom Map Generatorpublic2018-08-02 21:112023-04-15 22:17
LinuxDebianBuster (testing)
0002986: Random Map Generators don't work out-of-the-box (fix included)
Installing the game from Debian repositories results in RMG showing a message similar to "cannot create a random map with these parameters" regardless of what parameters are set. Updating the essential game files from the launcher also doesn't fix it, even after the update is completed.

I believe there are no RMG templates provided with the vcmi "essential" mod that comes with the Debian package (or the updated version from the repository).
To fix the problem I installed the essential files from the following link and now RMGs seem to be working fine after manually enabling all of them (although I haven't tested anything extensively) [^]

I have also removed the vcmi "essential files" mod folder from my system folder and put the new vcmi files into my user configuration folder instead (~/.local/share/vcmi/Mods). This was a prerequisite for trying to upgrade the package from the launcher (even though that didn't fix RMG).
I'm not realizing that I don't know whether RMGs are supposed to be working out of the box at all for 0.99 - however, since the wiki states RMG is functional, I suppose it's OK to expect it to be working with the latest release of the game.

Also of note is that the "essential files" mod that comes with the 0.99 Debian package shows itself to be 0.98 in the launcher. After refreshing the repository, it says it is outdated but still shows as 0.98 after the update (and doesn't fix RMG regardless).

Would updating the "essential files" mod in the repository to the 1.0 version (linked above) fix this or be possible at all? Also of note is that the linked version shows itself as 0.96 in the launcher for some files and 0.0 or 0.99 for others.
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Same problem on Windows 7 with latest daily build.
2023-04-15 22:17   
fixed in 1.2