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0002968VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2018-07-15 23:002022-09-16 15:59
PCWindows 10
0002968: Cannot choose any map templates
Using the latest VCMI version from the branches/develop/windows path and with only VCMI (and/or WoG) activated as mods, there is no way to change the map template when generating a random one.

For example, there is a VCMI submod called "Default templates\Jebus cross", yet I cannot find a way to generate a map with this template. The interface does not have a combo box for that.
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I understand you want a selection menu for templates. You can leave only the one you want to play, and exclude the rest, but this is not so convenient....

2022-09-16 15:59   
Install release 1.0 [^] and be sure to install vcmi extras mod in the launcher