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0002951VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2018-04-05 18:302023-04-14 12:06
0002951: When triggering garrison dialog on owned mined freeze occur
Seems like regression that wasn't noticed before.
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2022-04-05 10:47   
У меня баг возникает если нажать пробел, вызвать окно гарнизона, а потом нажать ОК не отпуская пробел! Тогда игра фризится. Так что частично могу подтвердить это
Причем нажимать ОК надо не "энтер", а конкретно мышкой.

I have a bug if I press the spacebar, call the garrison window, and then press OK without releasing the spacebar! Then the game freezes. So I can partly confirm this.
Moreover, it is necessary to press OK not "enter", but specifically with the mouse.

Errors of this kind:

| Player "RED" has to answer queries before attempting any further actions.

| Top Query: "A query of type '20CGarrisonDialogQuery' and qid = 25 affecting players RED and RED"
2023-04-12 16:23   
Cannot reproduce. Keeping space pressed or not, clicking with mouse or enter, having garrisoned creatures in mine or not ... it just works.

Can be closed?
2023-04-14 06:07   
Can not reproduce too. Yea, it can be close now