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0002921VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2018-03-17 08:322018-03-17 08:33
0002921: Currently town and adventure map dwellings don't have auto-merge when army is full
When creatures join you on adventure map and you have full army then if it's possible stacks of same type will be merged to make place for them. Otherwise you'll get garrison dialog window and able to choose on your own what stacks to keep and what to disband.

Nothing like that happen when you try to hire creatures from dwellings on adventure map. You just get message that "%s want to join your hero, but there aren't enough provisions to support them.".

Warning! If army is actually full and there nothing to merge then you should still get message about provisions instead of garrison dialog! Player shouldn't be able to accidentally buy creatures that he can't get into army.

PS: Also I had feeling auto-merge was working inside town garrison, but now it's broken. So if there no empty slots then you can't buy anything in town and there no error.
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related to 0002920assigned hkoehler Necromancy: nothing will raise if there no empty slot in army 
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