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0002833VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2017-12-30 02:422017-12-30 11:33
0002833: Double, empty ability slot caused by Resistance skill
When you open a unit window in hero with Resistance skill army, it shows another, empty slot with Resistance skill icon. It doesn't happen to Dwarves carried by a hero without Resistance skill, but happens with a hero that has it.
Open a unit window with a hero that has Resistance skill (many Rampart heroes have it as a starting skill).
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has duplicate 0002735closed Warmonger Magic Resistance granted by the hero skill is shown in the creature's tab twice. 
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This is known issue caused by the fact abilities are grouped by subtype. Default subtype for Magic resistance should be 0, and all Magic resistane bonuses should be unified. The problem is there are two sources of this bonus - MAGIC_RESISTANCE proper and secondary skill.

Too bad that code was changed significantly over years, difficult to point out where does this bug come from.

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Blah blah, fixed in [^]