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0002825: If I get one level further in the campaign artifacts will be taken along by chance
 If I get one level further in the campaign,(Restoration of Erathia) some of the artifacts that are down in the stock area will be taken to the next level, this can be reproduced.
In the level victories conditions it says that only the heroes will be taken along.
Which artifacts are taken along are random each time
Load my savegame before mapchange
Look at the artefakts in the savegame by my heroes kill the one heroes and defeat the town.
Than in the next level you will see that are some artifakts by the start in the stock area from my heroes are.

(Depending on the winning conditions, all or no artifacts should be taken along in the campaign.
Or those that allowed.
 but no randomly selected)
I have tracked this error in several campaigns.

I Use your version develop-26a222a.exe
And I use 5 mods for additional heroes and cities
And i use the high res menĂ¼
And new terrains
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related to 0003094resolved Ivan Artifacts do not carry over to next scenario 
7z Artefakt transfer bug.7z (2,034,020) 2017-12-16 15:21
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Fixed in 1.3