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0002822VCMILauncherpublic2017-12-08 15:132023-01-30 11:46
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0002822: VCMI essential files will not update
Just installed the latest daily of VCMI (26a222a) over a fresh install of Heroes 3 Complete (GOG) and upon opening the launcher I saw that VCMI essential files had an update. So I clicked to update it, then it said to first disable it. So I disabled it and clicked to update before it said that it failed and the mod was already installed. So I tried to uninstall it and it just fails. Seems that it just won't update at all.
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2017-12-08 17:50   
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That's right, you shoudl never update VCMI Essential Files and it's in fact impossible and will only break your game.

2017-12-30 13:36   
Setting version of this mod in git( [^]) to same as in repository should prevent showing that it can be updated.
Is there a reason to not fix it that way?
2017-12-30 14:02   
Well, just go for it. This might be only temporary fix, but version set to 0.0 is confusing anyway.
2023-01-28 10:06   
Now we have "vcmi extra" and updateable essential files