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0002817VCMIGUI - Town screenpublic2017-11-02 17:272017-11-03 15:41
0002817: VCMI crashes when trying to display townscreen building animation via json.
It occurs in lastest daily builds. I swear some time ago all works fine.
Bastion town (Forgotten Tales mod) has inside two townscreen buildings with png frames that make a animation and these frames are configured in appropiate jsons.
These buildings are The Water Mill and Mage Guild lvl 4. When you are trying to build these structures - game crashes. When we delete 03-mages-guild-4.json from sprites/town-screen/buildings folder, we can normally build mage guild 4 but without animations. So something is wrong with handling png frames inside townscreen. Some time ago, animations were displayed without errors - I'v palyed Bastion many times.
1. Download Forgotten Tales mod v1.01 from mod wiki list.
2. Launch any scenario with Bastion as a starting town.
3. Try to build Water mill or Mage Guild 4 - crash.
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has duplicate 0002816closed AVS VCMI crashes when trying to display townscreen building animation via json. 
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