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0002813: Wrong display of building def on town screen.
Normally def format of building on town screen has animation cycle starting with first frame as a background, then all the other frames replacing and overlaping over background frame. In VCMI if you move cursor over another active area - such as "building area" it causes it to leaves the single frame of the building as it was when the cursor moved to another screen object.

To put it simpler: if the building is animated and you move cursor elsewhere it leaves the frame as it was when you left building area of said building. Interesingly it doesn't interrupt animation itself

In picture I have uploaded building is supposed to have two skylights, but since the frame is left due to what I have written up here, we have four of them (red circled are the extra skylights of frozen frame).
Hover your mouse over animated building
Move your cursor elsewhere
Watch one frame being left in frozen state on your building, which is still animating
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png VCMI.png (40,557) 2017-10-18 13:37

gif Frame freeze.gif (36,744) 2017-10-18 13:48
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