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0002783: Tactics skill bonus differs from HMM3
In HMM3, and prior to making secondary skills modable, the game would take the difference in tactics skill levels, and then compute the number of hexes that you could arrange yourself in as 2 * difference + 1.

Currently the skill provides bonuses to hexes movable (3/5/7 at basic/advanced/expert), and the game calculates number of hexes that you can arrange yourself in as the difference of bonuses. This means that when fighting a hero with lower tactics skill (e.g. advanced vs basic), you get 1 hex less for placement than you did in HMM3 (2 for advanced vs basic, instead of 3).
Possible fixes:

(a) Set #hexes that you can arrange yourself in as 1 + difference.
Problems: counter-intuitive to specify a bonus of 2 to move 3, and can't configure things to allow setup within 1 hex.

(b) Treat the lesser bonus as one less, so e.g. advanced vs. basic becomes 5 - (3-1) = 3. Problem is again that this is counter-intuitive, and lesser bonus of 1 is effectively same as lesser bonus of 0.
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