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0000278VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2009-12-02 10:522010-03-02 10:36
Steven Aus 
0000278: Pyramid Crash
When Clancy visits the Pyramid called "Object", the dialog has the Pyramid enter text, however if you choose to enter, nothing happens and the game crashes when you try to move after visiting the Pyramid.
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related to 0000403closed Warmonger Pyramid is still displayed as "Object" in its info window 
child of 0000009closed Warmonger Creature banks on first visit say they are deserted, and the type (name) of creature bank is not inserted into that dialogue. 
7z Pyramid Crash.7z (231,199) 2009-12-02 10:52
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2009-12-02 10:59   
(edited on: 2009-12-02 11:00)
I presume it happens only after game load?

Steven Aus   
2009-12-02 11:13   
I visited the Pyramid with Clancy, and said yes to enter the Pyramid - then nothing happened, until I tried to move and the game then crashed.
2009-12-02 11:38   
But that's not what I ask. Does it happen before you load the game?
Steven Aus   
2009-12-02 12:10   
With the attached save you need to trigger it afterwards. It is possible to *attempt* to save afterwards, but the game state is obviously corrupted as three tries I've had to save, have not saved (no message appears on screen and no save files get created).
2009-12-02 17:40   
We already know that bank configs are not saved, tell me if it's a new bug or close it.
Steven Aus   
2009-12-02 21:28   
(edited on: 2009-12-02 21:32)
Well, with the other banks, it just says it's empty (without crashing). With the Pyramid it gives a hard crash, that happens every time after choosing to visit. As Tow said, crash bugs need to be given high priority to fix, especially if they are reproducible, as this one is. I can imagine players visiting the "Object (Not visited)" Pyramid and choosing to enter (because there is the apparent option), causing a reproducible crash. I think this needs to be fixed quite quickly. =)

What do you think?

2009-12-29 17:16   
Fixed in revision 1406
2010-03-02 10:36   
Checked and verified as fixed in 0.8 (for new and saved game).

The side issue remaining with object name has been reported separately as 0000403.