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0002778: INDEPENDENT_MIN and INDEPENDENT_MAX logics are a mess
Currently we allow mixing of INDEPENDENT_MIN, INDEPENDENT_MAX and other value types. The result is a mess (see BonusList::totalValue).
Should log error when encountering combination of different value types (maybe also change logic). Then add new value types LOWER_BOUND and UPPER_BOUND.
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But what you propose? LOWER_BOUND and UPPER_BOUND would be just renamed INDEPENDENT_MIn and INDEPENDENT_MAX.

Current formula takes all possibilities into consideration, as it's descibed on Wiki: [^]
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(edited on: 2017-08-29 07:02)
The way the wiki describes it would be sensible, however:
* Currently INDEPENDENT_MIN is the maximum value taken and INDEPENDENT_MAX the minimum value, which is fairly confusing UNLESS you never mix them with other bonuses (as I was told is current practice). Here renaming would help stave off confusion (we might have to introduce a mapping to deal with usage in existing mods).
* The actual implementation does not follow the wiki. There's an assertion that INDEPENDENT_MIN < INDEPENDENT_MAX which should be the other way around (someone got confused already), and if no non-independent bonuses are present (i.e., the "normal" case) then it's different from having a non-independent bonus of 0.