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0002765: Ghost Dragons can cast Age on Catapults.
A Ghost Dragon can cast Age on War Machines (in the case I observed, it was cast on my Catapult). This is a bug, according to H3 SoD mechanics it works only on Alive units (so War Machines are not valid targets).
1. Get a War Machine.
2. Get a Ghost Dragon to attack your War Machine (or attack with it an enemy's War Machine)
3. In 20% of cases there will be a cast of Age.
Develop build of 3 Aug.
There might be a similar issue with Wyvern-Monarchs' Venom. Same targeting rules (only Alive units).
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? Good to Go test.h3m (5,309) 2017-08-08 09:17
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Not reproducible.
2017-08-08 09:20   
Uploaded a map with which you can test the issue. You have to play as Red.
Reproduction: join Faerie Dragons, then attack the city. You have to let Ghost Dragons hit your War Machines and not fight back.
The Battle log will definitely mention an Age trigger on War Machines at one point.
2018-02-08 08:53   
PR 359 that fixing this just landed into develop: [^]