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0002759: Faerie Dragons' spells' damage does not get properly reduced by the Golem magic damage reduction.
I've tested all possible species of Golems and can say that something is totally off with the damage calculation of the Faerie Dragons' spells. Seems like the Golem reduction doesn't work correctly with their spellcasting.
The intended behaviour in SoD is that spell damage of the Faerie Dragons gets correctly reduced by the percentage mitigation abilities of the Golems (up to 95% on Diamond Golems).
Right now it functions the reverse way. The lesser amount of reduction, the less damage a Golem takes.
1. Use Faerie Dragons.
2. Fight the Golems' stacks (preferrably in a test map).
3. Note the inflicted damage. It is higher than it's supposed to be.
Observed on the 29th of July VCMI build.
Attached a test map. Play as Red, pickup the neutral Faerie Dragons (5, will always join), fight the stacks of Golems (Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond).
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? Good to Go test.h3m (5,283) 2017-07-31 10:42
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Should be fixed now. Thanks for report.