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0002748VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2017-07-24 21:502019-03-24 12:42
0002748: Click on adventure map interpreted as battle command
When you click on the adventure map to attack something, the click is also interpreted as a click on the battle-map popup, causing your first creature stack to move accordingly and waste their turn (assuming you start).
On the adventure map, click on an enemy stack without releasing the mouse button. Once the battle map is open and you are able to act, release the mouse button - your selected creature should move to your mouse position.
It looks like the issue is with mouse-up getting interpreted as a click event. Mouse-down on the adventure map starts your hero moving and opens the battle-screen, then mouse-up moves your creature. Happens naturally if the target of your attack is very close and/or you simply click rather slow.
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Proper fix would be to implement battle start as in OH3 with action starting and responding to clicks after battle intro music stops playing
2019-03-23 11:56   
Fixed in: [^]

Performing battle actions is disabled during initial battle window state with this code.