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0002743VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2017-07-23 17:522024-04-18 18:45
lowtextunable to reproduce
0002743: Wrong number of teams in Scenario Information on a randomly generated map.
Attaching a screenshot. That's actually the best description. It's impossible to have 11 teams (3 of them empty) in the game.
I can't reproduce this in the game due to the RMG issue which I reported before.
I remember that I've specifically set up a 4 team of 2 (by choosing 4 Computer/Player teams) game which created me as a solo instead. That's some old SoD problem. Might be a separate issue, but it's difficult to replicate.
Settings for RM generation: 8 players, no underground, 4 alliances, random number of AI only players/teams, Normal settings for Water/Guards.
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jpg Scen Info text bug.jpg (332,698) 2017-07-23 17:52
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Should be already fixed