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0002742VCMIRandom Map Generatorpublic2017-07-23 17:412022-09-17 17:14
0002742: RMG issues - doesn't create the map.
Whenever I try to create a L size map with no underground, 8 players, Normal setting on both guards and water, the game has a chance of getting stuck for 10+ minutes (and then I have to terminate the process). Logs show nothing specific, but I still attached them below.
1. Launch a single-player game.
2. Create a random map with the aforementioned settings.
3. The game has a chance to successfully either create a map or get stuck for a long time, resulting in no map creation.
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1. Official 0.99 version is screwed a bit :) You must manually move HDmod RMG Templates and OH3 RMG Templates folder to directory where lie Analogy, Jebus Cross (and so on) folders :) Then you will be able to create many random maps (except for 5 players).
2. VCMI doesn't support generating water. When you click water option, game probably will crash.
2022-09-17 17:14   
Fixed in 1.0.0