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0002741VCMIModspublic2017-07-23 05:362023-03-25 06:45
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0002741: Another creature horde bug for MDT Forge.
Currently, if the city is fully built in Map Editor (see the map Good to Go), it will not pre-build Horde structures for mod towns (see Forge).
1. Enable MDT Forge.
2. Launch map "Good to Go" playing as Forge.
3. Enter the town screen. Observe the result : none of the two creature hordes are built - one due to the bug, the second one is because the game doesn't support lvl 6 creature hordes in Map Editor yet.
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related to 0002732assigned Warmonger The horde bonus for Jump Troopers (upg. Lvl 6 of MDT Forge) is missing. 
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