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0002713VCMIMechanics - Town structurespublic2017-07-13 10:042023-09-17 09:13
0002713: scholar academy should give 1000 experience in the first day (it is already built in town)
Тысяча опыта с построенным алтарем должна даваться сразу же, герою стоящему в замке при его посещении, без траты мувпоинтов. (В настройках карты он уже построен).

A thousand experiences with the built scholar academy should be given immediately, to the hero standing in the castle at his visit, without wasting muevpoint. (It is already built in the map settings).
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related to 0002519closed  The hero does not receive messages in the new week about the stable if he sleeps in the city  
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2022-03-18 13:42   
Now it gives right away, even if you don’t enter the city
2023-04-12 18:30   
Seems to work in general. The only issue is like Povelitel said when prebuilt it will give the garrisoned hero, but it also selects a secondary skill for you!!!

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