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0002704VCMILauncherpublic2017-06-27 15:462017-08-24 02:21
0002704: Vcmilauncher doesn't start
I am having difficulties with the vcmi Launcher[1]. I built vcmi for the git repository. I am getting this error.

process 12666: arguments to dbus_connection_ref() were incorrect, assertion "connection->generation == _dbus_current_generation" failed in file dbus-connection.c line 2686.
This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.
D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace

The problem doesn't appear when it is launched with root (so yeah dbus).
A similar problem occurs on the mupen64 project [2] - It is said that if Qt is build without the SDL2 support the problem is fixed. The package works for ubuntu and fedora (it just prints errors) but it crashes for Arch and Gentoo. So this issue is probably not related to the project and I may have to report it to the Qt and SDL projects.

I was only able to locate the problem in sdldisplayquery.cpp in the function getDisplays(). I am able to use the launcher if I comment the lines:

return QStringList("default display");

Another solution is to replace the whole function by:
return QStringList("default display");

[1] Newbie in bug report here
[2] [^]
Start vcmilauncher - (Archlinux or Gentoo)
qt5-base 5.9.0-2
sdl2 2.0.5-3
(sdl 1.2.15-8 installed too)
dbus 1.10.18-1

Nothing interesting in the Launcher log (still attached)
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This issue doesn't happen with the 0.99 version. But with the latest vcmi sources on git.
2017-08-24 01:14   
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Ok now I understant why I didn't manage to reproduce it. End up is that Ubuntu have DBus assets as non-fatal by default and proper backtrace could be gathered using:


2017-08-24 02:21   
I just dropped SDL2 usage from launcher and implemented same feature with Qt functions: [^]