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0002700VCMIModspublic2017-06-24 00:202023-07-17 16:44
WindowsWindows 10 Pro1607
0002700: Man at arms - Castle won't download
When trying to download Men at arms- Castle I get an error message saying - "VCMI has crashed. We are sorry. File with information about encountered problem has been created."
Opening launcher and clicking "Download" option for Men at arms - Castle
I did this with a fresh install of Heroes 3 Complete (GOG). I also have all of the mods other than this one downloaded, iirc the mods are all supposed to be compatible. Only mods I left out are Chinese Fonts, WoG russian translation (both of them) and Bad Things Mod.
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? VCMI_launcher.exe_crashinfo.dmp (3,892,199) 2017-06-24 00:20
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I can confirm it. I have win10 and the same story.
2023-07-17 16:44   
Such mod no longer exists