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0002660VCMIMap Editorpublic2017-03-23 20:232017-08-16 00:43
0002660: Object removal brush with options
Editor currently missing ability to remove more than one object at time which of course critical.

Though it's could be really nice to have more flexible tool in our editor that might for instance have checkoxes for what's going to be removed:

 - Roads / rivers.
 - Static objects: anything that hero can't interact with.
 - Interactive objects.

Other than that it's could be nice to have different removal modes:
 - By object box. All tiles that covered.
 - By visibility. Of course if it's feasible to implement: even if object might have larger animation it's should be only removed if it's visible on that exact tile here in editor.
 - Remove by visibility / blocking / visitability mask.

I think by default H3 editor remove by "object box" so anyone used to old editor would expect to have this mode. Still since I spend tremendous amount of time in editor I can say for sure this behaviour can be very frustrating it times especially for large objects like towns.
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