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0002646VCMIModspublic2017-02-16 20:492022-04-10 18:03
0002646: HotA's Cape of Silence artifact bug
Cape of Silence won't allow to cast 1-2 level spells during combat for player and for opponent. When I try to cast spell on ememy stack I get info that this spells will afect no one. That's OK. But when I cast any 1-2 spell on my army, I don't get any info. Moreover, spell is cast (but in fact doesn't affect on my stack) and took its cost with mana points. I think that proper behaviour should be that casting friendly spells should be disabled too with "this spells will afect no one" info.
Find Cape of Silence artifact and wear it.
During battle try to cast friendly spells and hostile spells.
Friendly spells are cast, took mana cost but with no effect.
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