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0002636VCMIModspublic2016-12-31 17:032021-01-25 15:31
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0002636: Hero gained a spell through Eagle eye called "Injury"
After quick combat with AI hero gained a spell through Eagle eye called "Injury".

I didn't notice that hero gain that fake spell until I lost the save when he got it. I am however sure he got it through eagle eye skill.

Save attached has this spell in Coronius spell book. Hero is also able to cast it in combat on enemy units. However it seem that spell does nothing. Spell was also transferable through Scholar so Melodia also have it.
Enabled mods - HoTA addon and Forge town from VCMI MOD TEAM.
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It's known issue from Forge Town mod. Will be fixed in next version.
Injury is special lvl7 upg unit ability spell.
So in specialLvl7.json file you must change line "type": "combat" into "type": "ability" and then Injury can't be learn via anything!
2017-03-10 15:58   
New Forge version 1.2 should solve this problem. Injury is now creature ability and can't be found in scrols or mage guilds. [^]