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0002560VCMIOtherpublic2016-10-17 22:062023-08-02 19:12
0002560: Refactoring - We need to get rid of Boost.Interprocess
Currently VCMI is unnecessarily use Boost.Interprocess on server startup.

Unfortunately there is several cases when on Windows it's might not work by default since directory used for shared memory emulation is missing. We can of course make some fallback and set our own temporary directory somewhere, but much better solution would be to not use Boost.Interprocess at all.

Considering we already fully client-server there absolutely no reason why client need shared memory with server at all. In case we need some kind of authentication it's better to use something like UUID for critical operations like server shutdown.
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2016-10-17 22:13   
Also if you know any reason to keep using it please post it here.