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0002485VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2016-09-19 00:412016-09-19 00:43
0002485: CGarrisonWindow need improvement for CGGarrison with removableUnits = false
I fixed server-side for locked CGGarrison (0002303), but client-side code still lacking. Checks GUI have currently messed up and not let you do a lot of things you should be able to do.

If you just patch this code:
 new CGarrisonWindow(up,down,removableUnits);

With this:
new CGarrisonWindow(up,down,true);

Then all checks will be done on server only and you'll see what should be allowed and what's not.

Conecept is simple:

- You can arrange stacks inside locked garrison as you want: split, merge, swap.
- You can also add troops to garrison use any possible mechanic except direct swap (since I don't want to compare stacks).

Of course there is no way something can be taken out of garrison.
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related to 0002303resolved SXX You can take the troops from the garrison with "Troops are removable" unchecked 
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2016-09-19 00:43   
So of course we can just remove client-side checks and do server do it's thing, but then we'll have compains in log which isn't good. So probably we should move checks code in lib instead and use it on both client and server.