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0002482VCMIRandom Map Generatorpublic2016-09-18 10:172018-03-05 14:07
0002482: Crash on second+ usage of RMG due to client memory corruption
Few days ago me ans @AVS found very interesting crash with RMG that can be reproduced each simple time with clang and GCC builds. Just run RNG once, exit to menu and then on 2nd, 3rd (rarely more) run it's will crash in ObjectTemplate::isBlockedAt.

I think we find out that valgrind show memory corruption there, but in the end didn't find what actually cause it.
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2018-03-04 03:53   
Yesterday Alex found that corruption occur in CMapGenerator:
zones = tmpl->getZones(); 

Problem is that map template passed as mutable to generator and then after game on such map is finished and gamestate destroyed some of data inside template get corrupted.

So on second generation with same template there no data for map objects.
2018-03-05 14:07   
Should be fixed in 26aad172