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0002467VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2016-09-04 06:402017-07-27 05:02
0002467: Altar of Sacrifice - strange behaviour with new artfifacts
There's few mods adding new artefacts. When hero visit Altar of Sacrifice and try to sacrifice one standard H3 artefact and one new - stranger things are happen.
1. Load attached save.
2. Visit Altar of Sacrifice
3. Try to test some trials: sacrifice standard h3 arts only, sacrifice mod arts only, sacrifice combos: h3 arts and mod arts
4. Observe not dissapearring arts from bagpack or other anormal behaviours.
Used mods: Witchking arts. VCMI version - 0.98h build 01-Sep-2016 14:07
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Problem with Altar is that netpacks don't handle it properly.
As far as you only sacrifice one artifact it's should be okay though.