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0002461VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2016-08-23 03:472016-09-08 01:31
0002461: VCAI: Infinite loop when attempt to compare and exchange artifacts
Back when I fixed 0002455 there was typo (I suppose it's wasn't intentional since there was no comments) in Warmonger's code that made AI stop artifact exchange after first item was swapped. [^]

End up that without that break AI tend to go into infinite loop since "compareArtifacts" func is very basic from perfect. E.g first time AI exchange arts since stats better and second time it's make change back since price is higher.
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related to 0002455closed SXX VCAI: Freeze on attempt to move artifact locks 
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2016-08-23 03:49   
I worked on a bit better compareArtifacts code, but since I switch to fix leaks and desyncs want to keep in on bugtracker.
2016-09-08 01:31   
Fixed easy way for now: [^]