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0002457VCMIGUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowpublic2016-08-12 20:202023-04-12 16:55
0002457: Defeat/Victory window can't be closed by ENTER after auto-combat
Defeat/Victory window can't be closed by pressing ENTER after auto-combat. After normal battle everything is ok.
1. Lauch game.
2. Initiate battle.
3. Press auto-combat to allow computer to finish battle.
4. After battle - battle window appears.
5. You can click (V) by mouse to close window - it's ok
6. But you can press ENTER to close window - but instead of close, Hero window is shown, so you must click by mouse twice (V) to resolve game.
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related to 0003168resolved Ivan pressing "Enter" does not close the battle summary. It opens the hero screen instead. 
related to 0002989resolved kambala Pressing ENTER on the Casualties Report window opens up the hero screen instead of closing the report 
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Works as intended. With and without autocombat.

Can be closed.