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0002413: Request for TDM-GCC support
It would be nice if building VCMI via TDM-GCC compiler suite would be supported.
Package can be downloaded from this page: [^]
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txt TDM-GCC issue.txt (1,642) 2016-02-14 12:23
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2016-02-14 12:23   
There are some issues with this toolchain, when I tried to compile VCMI I encountered few problems. Output log is included in attachment.
2017-08-24 19:15   
I'm investigated support for plenty of toolchains, but for now VCMI official will be MSVC + Vcpkg. I also updated some bits in CMake that important for MinGW.

Checked TDM-GCC, but it's looks pretty dead with last update in 2015.