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0002402VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2016-01-27 16:482016-01-27 16:50
0002402: Grail - option to show the same puzzle for everyone in team
First of all current behaviour of VCMI totally same as H3. So this is just one of ideas have that can make grail mechanics a bit more balanced. Also I want to log this behaviour on bug tracker so others know about that.

Currently each player have own puzzle map that depend on his starting faction so two players of same team can efficiently see bigger part of grail location because of that. Idea is choose one background and use it for both players.
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Was testing it and talking with competitive player. Other idea is to introduce option that you can't dig grail until you see full map location. As this often rules that enforced in competitive games.

All of this is of course super low priority and not needed anytime soon.