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0002395VCMIGUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowpublic2016-01-23 13:232017-06-14 08:13
0002395: Crash when moving combined artifact
So problem occur likely because slots is not fully cleared after usage by combined artifact locks.
 - Get hero with combined artifact that use Misc slots. E.g Wizards Well.
 - Open hero screen while artifact is in misc slot.
 - Move it into backpack so all 3 slots are unlocked.
 - Now move it back on any slot where locks were before.
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has duplicate 0002443closed Warmonger crash after assembled artefact move 
has duplicate 0002538closed AVS Combined artifacts: crash on attempt to move anything on slot previously used by combined art 
has duplicate 0002622resolved AVS Crashes associated with combo artifacts 
related to 0002685closed AVS Putting on an artifact in a slot previously occupied by a combined artifact leads to crash 
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Fixed along with 0002685