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0002392VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2016-01-21 17:412024-01-30 19:18
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0002392: Automatic creature move at the beginning of the batlle
Sometimes at the beginning of the battle, one of player's stack autimatically (without control) does few hexes move forward.
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related to 0000535new  Pressing enter in rapid succession opened hero screen during object interaction 
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2016-01-21 17:45   
Very weird, could be an issue with mouse input.
2016-01-21 18:05   
Yes this is issue with mouse input. It's like issue with extra "S" in save game when you using hotkey.
2016-01-23 02:14   
(edited on: 2016-01-23 02:45)
I also believe this is due to mouse input. I've run into this a few times, but for me it's always when I am still holding down the mouse button from a previous click.

For example, after clicking the confirmation checkmark to search a shipwreck, my first troop will move to the hex which appears where the checkmark was. Another example is on a double-click move to initiate combat, if I am still holding the mouse button down by the time combat starts it will move my first troop.

2023-04-12 17:06   
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