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0002369VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2016-01-10 14:442022-04-12 11:18
0002369: Option needed to use both BattleAI / StupidAI depend on who's fighting
Currently VCMI have "neutralAI" setting that basically represent AI used in battles for all players. That mean if we default to StupidAI then it's used everywhere.

When I talked with Ivan about StupidAI he said that original intention of "StupidAI" was to use it for fights with neutral armed instances (monsters on map, creature banks, neutral towns) that shouldn't be too smart overall.

So what we need is option to set battle AIs independently for:
 - Fights with neutrals
 - VCAI players
 - Human players (quick combat)
And of course we need to default to BattleAI for VCAI / humans.
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