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0002345VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2015-12-08 03:362016-09-14 02:59
0002345: Fog of War changing objects may completely cover heroes/towns
I was investigating crashes during AI movement and find out about the problem: it's looks like at least neutral Necropolis towns may completely cover objects of player like towns and heroes when player isn't being Red.
1 - Get my "SXX_TEST_MAP_v4.h3m" map: [^]
2 - Start game as pink player.
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2015-12-08 04:02   
Some details on why it's was tricky to find and reproduce:

* When all 8 tiles around AI hero covered by FoW it can't move so it's can't trigger assertion/crash within moveHeroToTile.
* Still that hero may visit object under it (e.g visit town) and that "movement" clear FoW around.
* If any of tiles around hero aren't in FoW hero can attempt to move there because pathfinder don't check visibility of initial tile.
* Movement from invisible tile cause assertion/crash.

BTW for quite some time I think that weird problem has come due to my movement code changes, but looks like it's was there for a while and my changes just make it appear.
2015-12-09 07:16   
Fixed: [^]

Though all FoW-related code need massive refactoring.