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0002336VCMILauncherpublic2015-11-22 21:252024-01-30 19:18
0002336: Updating mods through launcher in annoying in some cases
Downloading a new version of a mod through launcher sometimes is a pain and is not quite comfortable. There are a few cases;

- Updating a mod which has a dependent mod
Cannot be updated since the update button is blanked out, only after checking the description (hidden at launcher startup), can we get the info which mod must be disabled. But even after that it does not always update, since:

- Using 'Update' button downloads a new version of a mod, but it does not update it (see screen). You have to first disable the updated mod as well and then update again (it downloads new version again and then replaces the old one). I haven't checked thoroughly, but it seems that if a submod is updated, you must disable it as well - annoying if there is a ton of submods. To quickly bypass the problem, you can uninstall the mod completely and download it again - fastest way but not quite elegant.

In conclusion, in extreme cases we have to manually disable the dependent mod (after first checking which one it is in description), disable the updated mod (or reinstall it completely) and enable the dependent mod again (everything manually). Why not autmatize/modify the 'Update' button to do all those operations or simply ignoring state of mods while updating?
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