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0002329VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2015-11-17 03:472016-01-31 17:39
0002329: After winning battle with temporary summoned creatures you end up with zero stack army
In H3 you must get message about "defeat" with both your hero and enemy disappear from map.
Also note: if it's was fight for town you wouldn't get it even if you "won" this way.
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related to 0001372resolved AVS Demons raised by Pit Lord are lost after end of battle 
related to 0000294resolved SXX Possibility to create ghost hero 
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2016-01-31 17:39   
This one must be resolved together with prior changes and 0001372.

Also we now have option enabled by default to put hero into tavern like retreat if he won with summoned creatures: [^]