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0002326VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2015-11-13 21:032016-09-12 03:12
0002326: AI turn takes really long when there is many completely blocked heroes
It's understandable that AI unfinished, but this one is make testing harder as I use map with blocked enemy heroes to test battles.

Map (v3) can be downloaded on forum: [^]
If you end turn AI try to move each of heroes 18 times which is really slow.
We need some code that let us handle that somehow.
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related to 0001043resolved  AI endlessly tries to visit Corpse 
related to 0001590closed SXX border guard - useless expenditure of a turn. 
related to 0001713resolved Warmonger very long turn AI - SectorMap memory leak 
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2016-01-30 11:33   
I suppose problem is decreased by this pull request: [^]

Looks like there is some problem with quest objects visit that make AI visit them indefinitely. Though applied fix likely make AI stop visiting them after some time.
2016-02-07 11:28   
(edited on: 2016-02-07 11:30)
This can be general problem with all objects that have "blockVis" property, that is AI can't stand on them, including Corpse, Tavern and Prison.

2016-02-07 15:07   
Yeah I suspect problem can be related to some code that pretend that hero may visit specific tile while it's blockvis.
2016-09-12 03:12   
With recent AI performance optimizations this is no longer issue.
Still worth to check blockvis objects.