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0002303VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2015-10-15 18:372016-09-19 00:42
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0002303: You can take the troops from the garrison with "Troops are removable" unchecked
If you have the troops of the same type, you can not put the same direction. You need to release additional slot for them.

Проще говоря нельзя архов положить в слот архов, надо дополнительный свободный стек, либо соединить их
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related to 0000899resolved SXX The "Make room..." window when a creature joins the army, does not allow us to move creatures in the same army 
related to 0002485new  CGarrisonWindow need improvement for CGGarrison with removableUnits = false 
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2015-11-14 04:05   
I'm not yet 100% sure, but looks like that can occur if garrison didn't actually allowed you to move stacks out of it. So probably real issue is that you can move units out of "locked" garrison at all.
2015-11-17 20:27   
Confirmed. It's exactly what cause that behaviour.
2015-11-29 09:47   
Important note: when creatures join hero on adventure map their ArmedInstance isn't marked as owned by hero (0000899). So while fixing this one we should apply some fix that going to make armed instance that joined our hero owned by player.
2016-01-08 11:10   
BTW this one may require "VCAI::showGarrisonDialog" because I suppose AI don't take fact that garrison is locked into account.
2016-09-19 00:32   
Fixed and AI change also applied: [^]