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0002251VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2015-08-31 13:512016-09-14 02:59
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0002251: Mines (and possibly other objects) possessed by player get covered by necropolis town's cover of darkness
When playing a scenario an enemy with necropolis town had cover of darkness built. That caused mines possessed by me get hidden on the map. Small area around the mine should always be revealed for me if I own the mine.
Only heroes and towns are "immune" to darkness.
All other object are affected (see CGameHandler::changeFogOfWar) --AVS
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related to 0002108closed SXX Cover of Darkness close view of the city 
related to 0001750assigned SXX Cover of darkness covers dwellings, player owned guarded gates 
related to 0002345resolved SXX Fog of War changing objects may completely cover heroes/towns 
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2015-08-31 15:52   
Maybe that's what caused many AI bugs related to Cover of Darkness :?